Fun Gifts for Outdoor-Loving Dogs

The great outdoors is the ultimate playground for dogs. From the perfect fetch toy to an easily accessible portable water bottle, here are some fun gifts for outdoor-loving dogs.

About These Gifts

Outdoor-loving dogs will appreciate gifts that inspire their owner to bring them outside for physical activity. Fun gifts can include rope toys to be thrown at far distances such as the Mammoth Pet Products Flossy Chews Rope Toy. Being outside is great exercise for a canine friend. Monitor a canine’s outdoor activity with dog activity trackers like FitBark 2 Dog Activity Monitor and PETFON Pet GPS Tracker.

Both the outdoor-loving dog and the dog owner will appreciate hands free dog leashes that gives them both room to run at a similar pace without feeling constricted. We love the LANNEY Hands Free Dog Leash and the FURRY BUDDY Hands Free Dog Leash. Elder dogs may not want to run around as much and prefer a nice walk. Refresh and hydrate with a Heininger PortablePET Waterboy Travel Water Bowl for Pets.

Looking for a hi-tech gift? Try an automatic ball launcher that can be used in the backyard, a great way for an outdoor-friendly canine to release some energy. We all need quality time outside with Mother Nature!

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