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Dogs are an important part of the family and it’s normal to feel worried or sad when you have to leave them alone for a period of time. While leaving them at home is a necessity sometimes, we should do everything we can to keep them happy and healthy. Thankfully, it has never be easier to monitor and keep an eye on your pup all day thanks to technology. However, there is no single dog camera and monitor that is perfect for every dog or situation. After researching and reviewing dozens of dog cameras and monitors, we think we’ve put together a listing of AKC approved dog cameras that all offer a great option for almost every dog. Here’s what you need to know before selecting a dog monitor and camera for your pup.

Dog Camera & Monitor Types

From cameras that keep an eye on your dog while you’re gone to devices to help with selfies, there are many different types of dog cameras and monitors you can buy. Before you purchase a camera for your four-legged best friend, you’ll first have to decide what you want to use if for. If you want a camera to monitor your furry best friend, consider purchasing something like a dog phone where there is two-way audio and is wifi operated. For dog owners who need something to keep their dogs busy while they’re away at work, consider looking into a robot for dogs. These technology products can toss treats, track activity, and play with your dog.

Dog Camera & Monitor Accessories

Dog cameras and monitors can be expensive, but you don’t always need one to keep your dog entertained, safe, or to get the perfect picture. For budding Instagram stars, you might want to consider a dog selfie stick like the “Pooch Selfie The Original Dog Selfie Stick.” This device works on most smartphones and is designed to help you take the best pictures of your dog. With the attachment, you can have a squeaker ball right next to your phone’s camera.

Dog Camera & Monitor Features

Deciding what kind of camera and monitor is best for your dog can be challenging, especially because dog cameras may come with many different features. We’ve reviewed multiple dog cameras and monitors with different features such as two-way audio and motion detection. Once you decide which features are important, you can start picking out cameras.

For example, if you’re on the lookout for a camera that records your dog when you’re not around, consider purchasing a front range dog camera like the “Lefun Pet Camera.” This camera has some great features like motion detection and night vision, but it’s missing other features like dispensing treats. While these cameras come at a higher price-point, dog camera treats dispensers like the “Furbo Dog Camera” come with almost every feature a dog-lover could want, including Alexa compatibility and treat tossing.

Now that you know what features and types of dog cameras and monitors you can purchase, you’re ready to select the best dog camera for your four-legged friend. Along with basic camera monitoring systems, you’ll find quality dog cameras for any situation, including getting the best selfie.

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