If you’re looking for the perfect bed for your pooch, we’ve reviewed a wide selection of the best dog beds, whether large and small. From heated beds to elevated beds, we’ve done all the research.

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Looking for more of the best dog beds? We’ve compiled the best dog beds of all types. Check out our research.

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Best Dog Bedding

Pets are an important part of your family. We should do everything to keep them comfortable, they deserve the best and most comfortable dog bed, but there’s no single best bed for all dogs or all situations. After researching and reviewing more than 30 dog beds, from small dog beds to elevated dog beds, orthopedic dog beds, and for large dogs and testing 13 beds. We think we’ve put together a listing of AKC approved dog beds that all offer great options for most pooches. We’ve surveyed 30,000 dog owners and since not all dogs have the same needs and preferences. We’ve found the best dog beds across four different attributes and pricing options from $10 to $200, the price of dog beds can range widely.

Dog Bed Sizes

Before selecting the ​best dog bed​ for your family members, you’ll first want to determine what size dog bed will best fit, based on breed, weight, and age of your dog. If shopping for a ​dog bed for a puppy​, you have two options – buy a ​small dog bed​ for their current size or invest in a ​large dog bed​ they can grow\\ into. We typically recommend the second option, it’s a good choice if you don’t want to buy a replacement in a few months. To make a larger sized bed inviting, fill extra space with cozy blankets like the ​“FurryBaby Premium Dog Blanket”​ so your dog feels right at home.

Dog Bed Types

Similar to selecting a dog bed size, your dog’s sleeping habits will determine the type of bed and style they prefer. There are various types of beds from pups to senior dogs. For smaller breed pups, staying warm is important, ​heated dog beds​ and ​blanket for dogs​ help you regulate their body temperature. Elevated dog beds​, including cots like the​ ​“K&H Bolster Pet Cot”​, are great for furry pals who prefer sleeping on ​raised dog beds​ above ground. For older and senior dogs, choosing from ​orthopedic dog beds​ like the memory foam keeps them cozy and comfortable with plush dog beds.

Dog Bed Features

Deciding what kind of dog bed is best for your dog can be a bit challenging, we’ve reviewed multiple dog beds, for comfort, ease of cleaning, size, style, durability, shape retention, and price. The material of the dog bed was an important factor, there are a variety of materials including polyester, cotton, microsuede, faux fleece, and more. One core feature dog owners desired was a washable dog bed like the durable “​Furhaven Pet Dog Bed”​, where the bed cover could be removed with a hidden zipper. Buying a washable ​puppy dog bed​ prevents dirt and odors from building up. Whatever the features and material you select, take your furry friend’s needs into account along with their preference for a firm or plush snoozing spot.

Dog Bed Shape

Dog beds come in many shapes and sizes, and the dimensions are not uniform between brands. The typical dog bed shapes typically include round, oval, rectangular and square. ​Pillow bed​ and ​crate pads like the ​“Frisco Mocha Swirl Pet Bed”​ offer a square shape while a ​covered dog bed​ shape offers a safe hideaway for dogs who like to burrow. While there are a variety of shapes and size options to explore, even those that mimic your own sleeping experience, as long as you keep your pet’s needs first, you should work perfectly fine.

Now that you know all the essential factors to take into account, you’re ready to find the best dog bed for your four-legged friend. Along with cozy sleeping options, you’ll find quality dog beds we’ve hand-selected including plush ​dog blankets​ and throws to take your pet’s level of comfort to the next level.

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