Surprise Your Dog With These 15 Perfect Birthday Gifts

Like humans, dogs only have a birthday once a year, so choosing the perfect gift is essential. Show your dog you love them with these pup-approved presents.

About These Gifts

Making your dog’s birthday special is important. Whether they’re turning one or celebrating a Sweet 16, dogs of all sizes and ages love to receive gifts. Our go-to gifts for dog birthdays are plush toys and yummy treats. If it’s a milestone dog birthday, consider buying your dog a plush dog bed, a hiking backpack, or a swimming pool for summer days.


Plan an extra special birthday for your dog by combining gifts. Hide some new treats inside an interactive toy. Buy your pup a new dress or hoodie to wear on their special day. Take some new toys to the park and spend all day playing. The best dog birthday gifts combine your dog’s interests and your interaction.


Senior dogs will love a new orthopedic dog bed while puppies may enjoy fresh chew toys. Still having trouble narrowing down your options? Go with a unique gift. We love the EXPAWLORER Large Octopus Dog Toy, CuteBone Dinosaur Dog Pajamas, and the Starmark Treat Dispensing Pickle Pocket. Enjoy your dog’s special day!

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