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There are so many types of dog toys to choose from. We’ve done the work for you and selected the best dog toys of all types — plush toys, interactive dog toys, fetch toys, and more.

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Looking for a specific type of dog toy? Whether you’re looking for a puzzle toy or plush toy, we’ve compiled the best dog toys of all types. Check out our research.

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Best Dog Toys for Puppies, Adult, and Senior Dogs

One of the best parts of dog ownership is playing with your best friend. Choosing the perfect toy sets the standard for a safe and fun playtime. Toys keep your dog comfortable and entertained and can even be used as bonding and training tools.

With hundreds of dog toys on the market, it’s overwhelming to choose what’s best for your four-legged friend. After reviewing and researching the best dog toys across four categories, we’ve compiled a list of the best toys that will suit dogs with different needs and preferences. Prices range widely for dog toys. As our list ranges from $10 to $200, you’ll find something that fits your budget.

Dog Toy Ages

As your dog rises through various stages of life, the types of toys appropriate for your dog will change. You must consider your dog’s age, breed, and weight. Puppies will chew on anything, so save your shoes by selecting indestructible dog toys like the “KONG Extreme Ball Dog Toy.” Chew toys for puppies like the “KONG Puppy Durable Rubber Chew” are puncture-resistant, so they hold up to powerful chewers and help puppies as they teeth. Since small breeds have smaller jaws than large breed dogs, they need toys for softer chewers. Though senior dogs aren’t as active as their younger counterparts, they still need regular exercise. Playtime stimulates their cognitive abilities and prevents some health issues. Since older dogs often have brittle teeth, soft toys are best.

Dog Toy Sizes

While there are a variety of sizes to explore, as long as you keep safety first, you will find the perfect toy for your pup. No matter what size dog you’re shopping for, you’ll want to choose a toy that can fit into their mouths and can be carried. Toys that can be swallowed pose a choking hazard. If it’s too big for their mouths, it’s too big to take home. If you’re shopping for a puppy, you can either buy a toy for their current size or something they can grow into. Interactive dog toys like “ZippyPaws Woodland Friends Burrow” are perfect for any size breed.

Dog Toy Types

Your dog’s personality and activity level will determine what kind of toy they prefer. All dogs, from puppies to senior dogs, can find a toy that works for them. For dogs that love chasing and retrieving, interest them in a riveting game of fetch with automatic dog ball launchers like the “iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher for Dogs.” Most dogs love tug-of-war with their owners or other dogs, so choose a tug toy that isn’t easily destroyed. Puzzles are also a fun option, as they create challenges that make your dog smarter while entertaining them.

Dog Toy Material

The most crucial part of buying a dog toy is selecting one made with durable, safe, and easy-to-clean materials. Consider how your dog chews and what type of toys they like to play with. Most chew toys are made of nylon or rubber, which makes them nearly indestructible. If you’re buying an edible chew toy, choose one that’s certified-organic and non-toxic. Dog chew toys like the “Benebone Wishbone Dog Chew Toy” will satisfy their chew cravings. Plush toys don’t work for aggressive chewers, as they are easily ripped, but they are appropriate for soft chewers. Plus, they’re fun to cuddle with!

Now that you know what factors to consider when choosing a toy for your canine companion, you’re ready to pick out the best toy for your dog. The AKC recommends regularly checking your dog’s toys to make sure they’re safe to play with. Choosing the best toy ensures a safe playtime, a fun bonding experience, and can reinforce good training habits.

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