Our Guide to the Perfect Gifts For a New Puppy

Getting a new puppy is such an exciting time in a dog owner’s life. Welcome the new pup to the family by surprising their owner with the essentials plus a few treats.

About These Gifts

There are countless items that a new puppy owner will need in their home prior to settling in their new loved one. Our gift guide includes important items that the new puppy will need and a few toys to make things fun.


Making sure that the new puppy owner is well-informed on how to train their puppy is extremely important. Training books like Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution or How to Train a Puppy are great reads for a new owner. While training their canine, the owner will need a few key items like the ACME Working Dog Double Dog Whistle or an EZwhelp Reusable Pee Pad to assist with minor accidents.


Getting a new puppy is a time to celebrate. Enjoy gifting the new puppy owner with special toys that can be used to play with the puppy. Teething rings and rubber chews are perfect for puppies that are teething. Is the weather outside perfect? Gift the new owner a foldable dog pool for a guaranteed splash zone. Puppies bring so much joy, so have fun with the gifting process!

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